About Us

PT. Aplikasi Karya Utama is a subsidiary Of PT Dhaft e-Graphic Technology who concentrates on development of Information Technology, Multimedia Design and Mobile Technology in Indonesia. The concentrating act is needed due to the business progress is depending on the business core that run by a company. Examples of our success is proved by the increasing number of our partner who willingly joined us, even from other cities, such as Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Bali. So, we will stay alert and keep searching for new technology that needed for our customer satisfaction.

We are absolutely sure that the customer is a partner for our company for life. So, the needs of our customers and their problems will be ours too.

The motto, the vision, and the mission are such an ideal issues for us, because we are going to make it happen and realize it for the Company’s benefits. To make this happen, it needs a synergy between us and the customer to achieve higher standards on handling the technology of information.

Since the first time we build this company our main goal is to satisfy our customers and our professional staffs.

The Way Of Act

To build a long-lasting relationship with the customer on behalf of the win-win solution.

Service Procedure

We consider customer requests as challenges to motivate us.

Company Motto

To improved your Information Technology and Mobile Apps.

Vision Statement

Problem Solver and Solution Provider.

The Mission

Reengineering the business process.

The Priority

Customers and workers satisfaction guarantee.